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The Difference between Encapsulated Motor And Ordinary Motor

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The difference between encapsulated motor and ordinary motor

First, the basic structure of encapsulated motor and ordinary motor

Encapsulated motor and ordinary motor are both devices that convert electrical energy into mechanical energy through the principle of electromagnetic induction, but their structures are different. The ordinary motor is mainly composed of rotor, stator and brush components, while the encapsulated motor is based on the ordinary motor to add a shield and redesign the circuit control system.

Second, the main difference between encapsulated motor and ordinary motor

1. Efficiency: The efficiency of the encapsulated motor is higher than that of the ordinary motor, mainly because it can reduce the magnetic leakage loss and core loss, thereby reducing the motor temperature rise and loss.

2. Sound: the noise of the encapsulated motor is lower than that of the ordinary motor, because it avoids the vibration of the rotor and the radiation of electromagnetic noise through the shielding cover.

3. Working stability: the encapsulated motor is more stable than the ordinary motor, and it is not easy to appear vibration and resonance, so that more accurate position control and speed control can be achieved.

4. Control accuracy: The encapsulated motor is better than the ordinary motor in terms of control accuracy, which can achieve more accurate motion and position control, and achieve higher motion stability and control accuracy.

Third, the application of encapsulated motor

Because of its high efficiency, low noise and high precision characteristics, the encapsulated motor is widely used in some fields requiring high stability and control accuracy, such as: robotics, medical equipment, precision machinery and aerospace.

Iv. Conclusion

By comparing the encapsulated motor with the ordinary motor, we can see that the encapsulated motor has advantages in efficiency, noise, working stability and control accuracy. In the future, with the continuous progress of science and technology, encapsulated motors will be more widely used and promoted.

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