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4SP Submersible Water Pump Structure Description

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Desceiption of pump strucrure

Desceiption of motor strucrure

No. Name of parts Material
No. Name of parts Material
1 Puller strap ① SS304 ②SS316
1 Slinger(Sand guard) Rubber
2 Water exit interval ① SS304 ②SS316
2 Motor end cap ①Cast copper HPb59-1 ②SS304
3 Covered Cables ① SS304 ②SS316
3 O ring Rubber
4 Valve ① SS304 ②SS316
4 Insulation sleeve Nylon
5 Rotary shaft ① SS304 ②2Cr13
5 Mechanical seal SiC-ceramic
6 O ring Rubber
6 Stator Cold rolled silicon steel sheet
7 Bearing Rubber
7 Insulation sleeve PET film
8 Guide vane ① SS304 ②SS316
8 Lower bearing body Cast aluminium 6061
9 Impeller ① SS304 ②SS316
9 Stator shell ① SS304 ②SS316
10 Shaft sleeve ① SS304 ②SS316
10 Membrane Rubber
11 Strainer ① SS304 ②SS316
11 Membrane body ① SS304 ②SS316
12 Inlet segment ① SS304 ②SS316
12 Snap ring SS304
13 Coupling ① SS304 ②SS316
13 Bearing ① NSK ②Human™ bearing

14 Shaft SS304-carbon steel

15 Cabel seal Rubber

16 Cable Insulating material-copper

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